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Ready to start your business but not sure where to start or what you need to do?​


Self paced online learning + weekly live FB Q&A.

Easy & practical steps to follow.

Lots of helpful information to get you started on your journey.

$147 investment


Weekly live FB Q&As


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  • What's included? 


    What's in a Business Name - how to find the perfect one

    What's an ABN and how do I get one

    Do I need a Business Plan and use our handy template

    What about business bank accounts

    Registering with ASIC and what that means

    What taxes do I need to register for

    What is GST and how does it work

    Domain Names

    What is a company structure and how does that impact my business

    Can my business be my name

    Do I need an accounting system and why

    Do I need a license or permit to run my business

    Legal documents


    Website & social starting place

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