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Want to understand what is happening in your business?

Ready to transform your business from ho-hum to financially on-fire


Tired of feeling out of control and never sure what to do that will make a difference to your business success?


Want to be guided to financial freedom but just don't have the time or energy to understand your finances?

Let us do it all for you.

Financial Freedom is all about us running the numbers and guiding you to understand what is happening in your business and supporting you to take action to really start to thrive.

Affordable Monthly packages available.

Book a Free Chat today to see how we can free you from the overwhelm and guide you to Financial Freedom.


what our clients say

"I have worked with a couple of business consultants over the years but always felt tied down to the typical corporate advice, leaving me to execute plans that I didn’t really align with. Once I started working with Sandy, I immediately knew she was different and completely understood my vision and style of business.

​What makes Sandy stand out from many of the others, is her real and authentic approach. She understands what really matters and the best strategic approach to lead a business towards achieving its vision."


Who will guide you?

Hi - I'm Sandy

I have spent the last couple of decades in the business world, both as a Business Consultant and a CFO, immersed in both business & financial systems, working with some pretty amazing companies.

Beyond the balance sheets, I've delved into the world of intuition & mindset, which is a powerful tool for businesses to really start thriving.

My passion is infusing my business know-how with a deep understanding of mindset. It's this unique fusion of practical knowledge and energetic wisdom that I offer in my courses and 1:1 Coaching.

Together, we can set your business on fire with passion & purpose. I can't wait to get started. 

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