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Welcome, we are so excited to meet you. Here at ABT we share a belief that understanding your numbers & enhancing your business knowledge holds the key to unlocking your dreams and growing a thriving business.

With many years of combined financial & business growth expertise along with a shared passion for empowerment, we have grown ABT from an idea shared over a wine or two to a fully fledged business in it’s own right.

Our mission is to ignite the fire within women and provide them with the practical tools, wisdom, and unwavering support to succeed in their business.

meet sandy

Hi, I'm Sandy, and my journey so far has been a beautiful mix of business, heart, strategy, purpose and prosperity. For over two decades, I worked in the roles of CFO and Senior Manager using my Accounting & HR experience in diverse small and medium-sized enterprises.

🚀 The past seven years have seen me transition into a Business Consultant, where I've become the trusted guide for companies seeking to harmonise their financial systems and cultivate sustainable, value driven growth.

🌿 I'm no stranger to the hustle and challenges of being a small business owner myself. I understand the trials, tribulations and the relentless juggling act that entrepreneurship can be.

🔮Beyond the balance sheets, I've delved deep into the world of energy work and my soul resonates with its wisdom. For years, I've immersed myself in study, infusing my business acumen with a profound understanding of energy dynamics. It's this unique fusion of practical knowledge and energetic wisdom that I offer to fellow business women — unleashing the full potential within, guiding them toward a harmonious and holistic journey to success.

Together, we can set your business on fire with passion & purpose. I can't wait to get started.

Sandy Hanrahan in front of a bright mural painted on a wall pointing upwards

things I love

Lion posing on a rock in South Africa
Sandy Hanrahan with her  2 sons and partner
Image of Coolum Beach taken from a headland with a tree to one side

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In the meantime check out our courses and get to know us more on our socials where you will likely meet our gorgeous pets, and families and see some real-life stories about how we have supported businesses through our training and online courses.

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