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Sandy Hanrahan & Ashley Mossman standing in front of an aboriginal mural

tap into our years of experience

We are not here to simply teach business strategies & finances; we are here to unlock the unique magic that you hold within.


Our purpose is to create a safe, nurturing, and transformative space where you can embrace your financial independence, step into your leadership, and become an unstoppable force in the world of business.

In every course, coaching session, and conversation, we infuse the spirit of authenticity, self-discovery, and unwavering self-belief. We are on a mission to break down the barriers that hold women back, replacing them with bridges that lead to financial freedom, personal fulfillment, and a legacy of empowerment.

Sandy Hanrahan & Ashley Mossman sitting in front of a laptop with a cup of tea
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soul-fire strategy sessions

Start a transformative journey into the new year by scheduling on of our exclusive soul-fire strategy sessions.

🔍 Gain unparalleled clarity on your goals.

🚀 Break down your goals into actionable steps.

🗺️ Set the stage for success with a well crafted plan.

💰 Leave with an inspiring financial forecast in hand.

🌊 Prepare your business for a year of seamless flow and ease.

🤝 Be guided by a business expert all the way.

If you're eager to make this your business's best year yet, take the first step by clicking below to discover more and sign up now.

1:1 coaching

Are you a woman with dreams of growing a thriving successful business?


We are here to be your guide, your mentor, and your biggest advocate.


In our 1:1 coaching sessions, we'll embark on a journey to unlock your full potential and transform your business dreams into a powerful reality.

Ashley Mossman & Sandy Hanrahan sitting on stools with a cup of tea in their hands
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free masterclasses

In the spirit of supporting business growth, we regularly run valuable masterclasses.

By becoming part of our mailing list, you'll have a front-row seat to all our  upcoming sessions.


We promise a no fluff approach and no sales tactics; instead, expect a supportive community that's dedicated to seeing both you and your business thrive.

what our clients say

"I have worked with a couple of business consultants over the years but always felt tied down to the typical corporate advice, leaving me to execute plans that I didn’t really align with. Once I started working with Sandy, I immediately knew she was different and completely understood my vision and style of business.

​What makes Sandy stand out from many of the others, is her real and authentic approach. She understands what really matters and the best strategic approach to lead a business towards achieving its vision."

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