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Practical Business Magic
Build a thriving business using a blend of business practicals & energetic magic!

Welcome to Practical Business Magic: A 4-week course to Business Brilliance


Are you ready to transform the way you approach business?


It's time to break free from conventional thinking and dive deep into a journey of authenticity, purpose, and profit.


Say goodbye to business overwhelm and embrace aligned flow.

This is an intimate group program for women wanting to build an aligned, purposeful business that flows easily and builds profit effortlessly.

Module 1: "Business Foundation"

→ Plant the seeds of your business vision, rooted in your authentic desires.

→ Craft a business strategy that reflects your purpose and resonates with your ideal clients.

→ Let's talk all things practical, business structure, insurance, tax, ASIC.

 Module 2: "Aligned Offerings & Products"

→ Learn the art of creating offerings that align with your values and deeply connect with your clients.

→ Craft pricing strategies that honour your worth and delight your audience.

 Module 3: "Radiant Branding & Storytelling"

→ Build a magnetic brand that authentically represents your business.

→ Unearth the power of storytelling to create lasting connections with your audience.

 Module 4: "Intuition Magic"

→ Discover your unique connection to intuition that feels aligned and authentic to you.  
→ Craft some day-to-day magic that inspires, engages, and calls in your ideal clients effortlessly.   

 Module 5: "Profit for Purpose"

→ Understand how to master your finances without feeling the overwhelm

→ The power of building strong financial foundations for success.

 Module 6: "Scaling with Soul & Systems"

→ Streamline your operations and scale your business in a way that maintains its essence.

→ Build a supportive team that shares your mission and vision.

 Module 7: "Wealth Wisdom & Abundance"

→ Transform your money mindset to embrace abundance and financial success.

→ Create strategies to manifest your financial goals and live a life on your terms.

 Module 8: "Community & Collaboration"

→ Deepen your community with strong connections & and an understanding of building a tribe for collaboration.

→ Learn how to develop relationships with clients & colleagues.

 Module 9: "Celebrating Success and Navigating Challenges"

→ Reflect on achievements and milestones.

→ Develop resilience in the face of challenges.

This isn't just any business course; it's a way to uncover your unique business magic to grow an aligned thriving business. Get ready to flourish in a way that feels authentic and deeply satisfying.


Your dream business is within reach.

We start on the 18th June 2024

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