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Ash Mossman & Sandy Hanrahan talking while looking at their laptop

Soul-Driven Success:
A 9-week course to Business Brilliance

Welcome to Soul-Driven Success: A 9-week course to Business Brillance


Are you ready to transform the way you approach business?


It's time to break free from conventional thinking and dive deep into a journey of authenticity, purpose, and profit.


Say goodbye to outdated business strategies and embrace a new aligned path.

This is an intimate group program for women wanting to build an aligned, purposeful business.

Module 1: "Business Foundation"

→ Plant the seeds of your business vision, rooted in your authentic desires.

→ Craft a business strategy that reflects your purpose and resonates with your ideal clients.

 Module 2: "Aligned Offerings"

→ Learn the art of creating offerings that align with your values and deeply connect with your clients.

→ Craft pricing strategies that honour your worth and delight your audience.

 Module 3: "Radiant Branding & Storytelling"

→ Build a magnetic brand that authentically represents your business.

→ Unearth the power of storytelling to create lasting connections with your audience.

 Module 4: "Marketing Magic"

→ Embrace marketing strategies that feel aligned and authentic to you.

→ Craft content that inspires, engages, and converts your ideal clients effortlessly.

 Module 5: "Profit for Purpose"

→ Understand how to master your finances without feeling the overwhelm

→ The power of building strong financial foundations for success.

 Module 6: "Scaling with Soul & Systems"

→ Streamline your operations and scale your business in a way that maintains its essence.

→ Build a supportive team that shares your mission and vision.

 Module 7: "Wealth Wisdom & Abundance"

→ Transform your money mindset to embrace abundance and financial success.

→ Create strategies to manifest your financial goals and live a life on your terms.

 Module 8: "Community & Collaboration"

→ Deepen your community with strong connections & and an understanding of building a tribe for collaboration.

→ Learn how to develop relationships with clients & colleagues.

 Module 9: "Celebrating Success and Navigating Challenges"

→ Reflect on achievements and milestones.

→ Develop resilience in the face of challenges.

This isn't just a course; it's a journey to a more heart-centered and prosperous business. Join us on this path of aligned entrepreneurship and get ready to flourish in a way that feels authentic and deeply satisfying.


Your dream business is within reach.

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