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Please help yourself to some of our freebies.

We have everything from a 'Money Mindset Meditiation' by Sandy to podcast recommendations from Ash.

We also include other resources that you might find useful and interesting.


We do update this from time to time so please keep coming back to see whats new!

Free Excel Spreadsheet for Start-up Businesses

Ready to start your business and need a workbook to itemise all the costs.

Use our easy to use excel spreadsheet to capture all your initial costs so you

don't have any surprises.

Resources for Excel 

Need to brush up on your excel skills - we recommend Miss Excel.

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 Here is your "Meet your Business Money Energy" Meditation.

Take 8 minutes out of your day to relax and listen. Give your business some love and attention.

Play here.

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Monthly Business Plan

 Use our Monthly Business Plan to keep yourself on track.  When we put our focus on something and hold the end result vision - magic really happens.  

Give it a try!

8 Podcast Recommendations to look up on your Podcast App

  1. 'Happier with Gretchen Rubin'

  2. 'Your Dream Life' with Kristina Karlsson

  3. 'Freedom Filled Life by the Bucketlist Bombshells'

  4. 'Online Marketing Made Easy' by Amy Porterfield

  5. 'Before Breakfast' with Laura Vanderkam

  6. 'Ten Percent Happier' with Dan Harris

  7. Practice You with Elena Brower

  8. 'Side Hustle School' Chris Guillebea

  9. Joyful Marketing with Simone Seot 

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