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Join our small group of inspiring business women for a 4 week live training course

Ready to transform your business from ho-hum to on-fire


Tired of feeling out of control and never sure what to do that will make a difference to your business success?


Want to tap into your inner superpower and learn how to grow a super successful business in 4 weeks?

Join our intimate group of inspiring business women for live weekly trainings on practical business & energetic magic to really get your business flowing.


Next Intake August 2024


This is not your average business course

Are you feeling disconnected from your business?

Are you stuck not sure where to go from here?

Have you been putting in the effort and now you feel like something has to change?

You know you were meant for more, you have so much to give and you just aren't getting the traction in your business you hoped?

Is your business sucking up your cash and not delivering any returns?

Are you tired of seeing others thrive and wondering what you are doing wrong?

Our exclusive 4 week course is crafted to explore your current business reality and reconnect you to your business dreams, vision and bring you success. We dive into the practicals of business and the magic of intuition to uncover your own unique magic.

Uncover your unique path to business success. This live group program will help you connect to your business and start seeing the success you have dreamed about.

Rediscover your enthusiasm and creativity as you dive into the heart of what sets your business world on fire. Together, we'll find how to create a life rich with fulfillment and success.

Drawing upon our extensive business expertise, we'll help you craft a blueprint for your success. You'll develop a comprehensive plan, actionable steps, and a clear vision, ready to thrive.

Why you need to join Practical Business Magic

🌟Picture this: A moonlit night, a touch of magic in the air, and a group of incredible women gathered under the stars, here to brew something extraordinary for their business journey. We are all about building beautiful community and this small group of inspiring women may just be the soul sisters you have been searching for.🌟

🌟Grab your metaphorical margarita at midnight, and let's infuse some magic into your business strategy! "Practical Business Magic" isn't about waving wands; it's about discovering your unique talents, passions, and strengths, it's about connecting you to your intuition and inner magic.🌟

🌟Join us for a journey where practicality meets magic, and success becomes a spell we cast together. Let's create a business that not only survives but thrives! 🌟

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What does Practical Business Magic look like

Module 1: "Business Foundation"    
→ Plant the seeds of your business vision.  
→ Craft a business strategy that reflects your purpose and resonates with your ideal clients.
→ Let's talk all things practical, business structure, insurance, tax, ASIC.

Module 2: "Aligned Offerings & Products"    
→ Learn the art of creating offerings & products that align with your values and connect with your clients.  
→ Craft pricing strategies that honour your worth and align with your clients.    

Module 3: "Radiant Branding & Storytelling"    
→ Build a magnetic brand that authentically represents your business.  
→ Unearth the power of storytelling to create lasting connections with your audience.    

Module 4: "Intuition Magic"    
→ Discover your unique connection to intuition that feels aligned and authentic to you.  
→ Craft some day-to-day magic that inspires, engages, and calls in your ideal clients effortlessly.    

Module 5: "Profit for Purpose"    
→ Understand how to master your finances without feeling the overwhelm  
→ The power of building strong financial foundations for success.    

Module 6: "Scaling with Soul & Systems"    
→ Streamline your operations and scale your business in a way that maintains its essence.  
→ Build a supportive team that shares your mission and vision.    

Module 7: "Wealth Wisdom & Abundance"   

→ Transform your money mindset to embrace abundance and financial success.  
→ Create strategies to manifest your financial goals and live a life on your terms.    

Module 8: "Community & Collaboration"    
→ Deepen your community with strong connections & and an understanding of building a tribe for collaboration.  
→ Learn how to develop relationships with clients & colleagues.    

Module 9: "Celebrating Success and Navigating Challenges"    
→ Reflect on achievements and milestones.  
→ Develop resilience in the face of challenges.

what our clients say

"I have worked with a couple of business consultants over the years but always felt tied down to the typical corporate advice, leaving me to execute plans that I didn’t really align with. Once I started working with Sandy, I immediately knew she was different and completely understood my vision and style of business.

​What makes Sandy stand out from many of the others, is her real and authentic approach. She understands what really matters and the best strategic approach to lead a business towards achieving its vision."


Who will guide you through Practical Business Magic?

Hi - I'm Sandy

I have spent the last couple of decades in the business world, both as a Business Consultant and a CFO, immersed in both business & financial systems, working with some pretty amazing companies.

Beyond the balance sheets, I've delved into the world of intuition & mindset, which is a powerful tool for businesses to really start thriving.

My passion is infusing my business know-how with a deep understanding of mindset. It's this unique fusion of practical knowledge and energetic wisdom that I offer in my courses and 1:1 Coaching.

Together, we can set your business on fire with passion & purpose. I can't wait to get started. 

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