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Ignite Your Intuition

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Are you ready to reconnect to your intuition?

Ready to start living your life aligned to your soul?

Tired of analysis paralysis?

Is your mind full of chatter and you find making decisions exhausting?

Ready to start running your business easily & effortlessly?


Join our easy 6 step program to reconnect to your true guidance.

Week 1  - What is Intuition and how can I easily access it

Week 2 - Different types of Clair and working out your own intuition style

Week 3 - Connecting to our senses - Tasting & Smelling

Week 4 - Connecting to our senses - Seeing & Hearing

Week 5 - Connecting to our senses - Moving & Feeling

Week 6 - Let's put it all together & apply it to life & business.

What you will get

6 video lessons that will walk you step by step through our proven method used to ignite intuition.

6 guided meditations that will activate each sense and turbo charge your intuition.

Journal prompts to dive deeper into your intuition & soul guidance.

Limited time offer: 15 minute reading with Sandy to tune into your highest potential & purpose.

If you have any queries please reach out to chat to us.

Course is available for self paced learning now.

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